The secret of Japanese beauty: Camellia oil for hair

There are at least three cosmetic types of camellia - japonica, sinensis and olifera. Only one of them holds powerful conditioning properties. Camellia japonica is the one used for ages to obtain oil and the one used by women in everyday care. It limits hair loss, dandruff, brittleness and irritations. Where does the secret of camellia oil lies?

Women living in the Japan know all the skin and hair care secrets. For ages they have been exploring the art of conditioning in harmony with nature. Their knowledge is an inspiration for many women all over the world. Even cosmetic companies learn from it. One of frequently used by Japanese women substances is natural camellia oil (Japanese Camellia Oil). For hair and more.

It is obtained in cold pressing seeds of Japanese camellia. It contains a lot of essential fatty acids, such as omega-6, palmitic and omega-9 (oleic, which is present in even 82%). Such percentage of fatty acids makes camellia oil the best oil for medium porosity hair. In Japan is is called tsubaki oil and it is the most popular variation of camellia oil in this region.

Which properties of camellia oil are worth enumerating?

  • ensures hair with softness,
  • restores natural glow,
  • is responsible for hydration,
  • prevents frizzing and fly-away hair,
  • soothes itching scalp,
  • eliminates dandruff and irritations,
  • creates protective layer,
  • allows to seal hair cuticles.

Tsubaki oil (or camellia oil from the Japan regions) is great solution for medium porosity hair. Such hair type requires particular attention. Usually this hair are dry, damaged and weak. Therefore, necessary is to regenerate them, strengthen and provide protection against harmful factors. You mustn't allow for their condition to deteriorate. Camellia oil supports fight for healthy hair.

Did you know that...?

Camellia oil is a secret of beautiful, healthy and glossy hair of Japanese geisha. The tsubaki oil applied on regular basis on hair allows them to preserve healthy and stunning hair, despite geisha frequently wearing tight hair styles.

Camellia Oil and other beautifying hair oils

Over 80% of Camellia Oil consists of oleic acid belonging to the omega-9 group. These acids are essential to our hair, but also to the skin. It is well known to Asian people who have used Camellia

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Shu Uemura: Protective oil Essence Absolue with camellia oil

Nourishing and protective hair oil that costs more than luxurious perfumes? It’s possible if you buy cosmetics from Shu Uemura. Particularly worth the attention is quite expensive protective oil Essence Absolue. Its main ingredient is camellia oil.

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Camellia oil: Japanese elixir for beautiful hair

Camellia oil is known as an olive oil of the Far East. It is because camellia oil offers similar properties to olive oil but – due to larger concentration of oleic acid – it is a product