Nanoil Argan Oil: Does it make a better alternative to camellia oil?

Natural care lovers appreciate multipurposeness that organic products offer. Which oil seems to be the best in hair care? Two oils that fight for the title of the finest beauty oil are camellia oil and argan oil. It appears that argan oil – especially cold-pressed and unrefined, launched by Nanoil – wins this competition for the best natural product of numerous applications.

camellia oil argan oil

There is a lot that connect both oils: they are all-natural, rich in precious fatty acids, extracted from plants widely recognized for their beneficial action, used commonly in beauty industry. They even share similar colour and consistency.

The truth though is that argan oil appears to be richer in nutrients and happens to have a wider spectrum of applications.

Where does argan oil come from?

Natural argan oil is extracted from nuts (kernels) of argan tree. What’s interesting, Argania Spinosa grows only in the southern regions of Morocco. In order to obtain one liter of pure argan oil, there are a few dozen kilograms of argan kernels needed.

These two qualities make some people call argan oil Liquid Gold of Morocco and perceive it as one of the world’s costliest natural beauty oils.

Camellia oil is a definitely easier to obtain and cheaper natural product. This doesn’t mean though that it’s better than argan oil. After closer examination, it turns out that camellia oil offers less nourishing substances and the effects it has on skin and hair aren’t that numerous.

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The best: Nanoil Argan Oil

Not all argan oils display the same set of qualities. The most important is to choose a product which quality is the highest – just like Nanoil Argan Oil.

The aspects that make it the finest include:

  • cold press extraction, no refining
  • 100% organic composition containing only argan oil
  • richness of over 100 nourishing substances
  • Ecocert label
  • ultra-light and well-absorbed composition

Nanoil Argan Oil: Ingredients

This beauty oil is made of 100% Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, which is cold-pressed oil extracted from argan tree nuts, unrefined and of high quality.

It contains plenty of unsaturated fatty acids (over 80%) as well as squalene, carotene, vitamin E of strong antioxidative effects and a substance which plays a role of natural UV filter. Obviously, there are more chemical constituents in argan oil, yet these are the most crucial ones.

Nanoil Argan Oil: Use

Contrary to camellia oil, Argan Oil by Nanoil appears to be a more universal product. It can be applied in many ways – to hair, face, the entire body and fingernails.

It’s suitable as:

  • oil for hair and scalp oil treatment
  • hair styling oil and heat protection agent
  • makeup remover
  • face care oil
  • oil to soften body skin
  • nail oil
  • relaxing massage oil
  • lash and brow enhancing oil
  • beard and mustache oil

organic nanoil argan oil

What are the effects of Argan Oil by Nanoil?

First and foremost, this is a humectant so – alike camellia oil – it rebuilds natural hydro-lipid barrier to limit water loss in skin. A quite peculiar quality of argan oil is the sun protection as well as heat protection which is found extremely crucial during hair styling. Owing to its properties, Nanoil Argan Oil ensures comprehensive protection against free radicals, too.

When used regularly – no matter if applied to hair or skin – it nourishes, fosters regeneration, revitalizes, increases softness, smoothness and shine. Thanks to frequent use of Nanoil Argan Oil, skin becomes rejuvenated (fosters cell self-renewal processes) and this youthful look remains unchanged for long.

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