camellia oil

Camellia Oil and other beautifying hair oils

Over 80% of Camellia Oil consists of oleic acid belonging to the omega-9 group. These acids are essential to our hair, but also to the skin. It is well known to Asian people who have used Camellia

Shu Uemura: Protective oil Essence Absolue with camellia oil

Nourishing and protective hair oil that costs more than luxurious perfumes? It’s possible if you buy cosmetics from Shu Uemura. Particularly worth the attention is quite expensive protective oil Essence Absolue. Its main ingredient is camellia oil.

Camellia oil: Japanese elixir for beautiful hair

Camellia oil is known as an olive oil of the Far East. It is because camellia oil offers similar properties to olive oil but – due to larger concentration of oleic acid – it is a product